Wireless, Invisible & Underground Dog Fences at Lowe’s

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Lowe’s is one of the major retailers of home and garden tools, products, and supplies. These include pet care products and supplies. In this article, we review the best wireless or underground fences at Lowe’s.

The wireless, invisible, and underground dog fence brands reviewed here are characterized by the best features that enhance your dog’s safety and confinement within a particular range of coverage.

Wireless Dog Fences at Lowe’s

The best wireless and underground dog fences available at Lowe’s today include the following:

#1. PetSafe 12-ft Static Wireless Dog Fence

PetSafe Wireless Fence

The PetSafe 12-ft Static fence is completely wireless and can be placed anywhere in your home for up to 2-12ft coverage. The brand is designed with a progressive static correction that starts at a lower level and increases to a maximum in three seconds.

If you want to use this brand for multiple dogs, you should add different barriers and collars to protect multiple areas in your home.

#2. High Tech Pet 5-ft Ultrasonic Wireless Dog Fence

This brand is designed with startling sonic, blast emissions that restrict your dog within a specific perimeter. The wireless fence system works only on dogs with a transmitter collar.

The High Tech Pet 5-ft Ultrasonic works perfectly with any high dog electronic fence collar including BF-22 and BF-30 Bluefang collars.

#3. Static Wireless Pet Fence (12-ft)

The Static Wireless Pet Fence comes with an adjustable transmitter that can protect your dog to a range of up to 2-12ft in diameter. The transmitter can operate with any paws receiver collars that are simple to install.

If you want to use the transmitter with other poles, you simply place the fencing system near anything you want your dog to avoid.

This fencing system is effective as it can protect multiple areas in your home, especially on additional collar receivers.

#4. Sit Boo-Boo Secure-Pet Invisible Wireless Fence

Having this brand will save you money and time for expert installation since it is easy to install by the owner. This brand comes with a rechargeable battery with collars that are fur-friendly.

When you purchase this brand, you will also be given a bonus e-book that serves as a guide to the wireless fence system.

#5. VBESTLIFE Wireless Electric Dog Fence

During the purchase of this brand, a customer is given a wireless controller, a receiver, a collar, and a charger with a USB cable.

VBESTLIFE Wireless fence is designed to cover a range of 547 yards and the signal strength of the controller can be adjusted to a range of 22-547 yards.

#6. Dr. Tiger 2 Receiver Electric Dog Fence

This brand can benefit customers with its collar that releases stronger shocks which effectively prevents the larger gods from crossing the boundaries.

The fencing system is designed with a broken wire monitor that helps to detect whenever the wire has broken.

#7. Inground Electronic Fence System with Konkani Dog Collar

The electronic fencing system is made of a powerful transmitter that covers signals up to 12m. This brand has a great feather of Konkani Remote Training Collar that can fit all of your dog sizes.

The waterproof collar receiver that can be recharged makes the fencing system more effective for dog owners.

#8. PetSafe Fence without Wire for Stubborn Dogs

This brand is effective for large dogs especially stubborn dogs because of its collars that are designed with tones, vibration, and shocks that can train your dog to stay and play within the boundaries without harming it.

This brand is meant to handle customers that need visual cues and extra efforts to train the owner to set coverage.

#9. TTPet In-ground Electric Dog Fence

The fencing system is made with a 250mAh lithium-ion battery that can enhance the system with up to 10-15 usage between any recharges.

TTPet In-ground Electric Dog Fence is available on our market at a cheap and affordable price.

It is usually provided with a waterproof collar that is useful for detecting your dog’s allocation.

#10. UTOPB Wireless Dog Fence

UTOPB covers a wide range of up to 25-500m and is suitable both for dog training in your home or field trips.

The brand is purchased with a receiver collar made of IP67 waterproof material that is effective even when your dog walks through the rain.

The collar of this brand is also designed with a high capacity and a durable battery that last for a longer time.

FAQs on Wireless Dog Fences

Do wireless dog fences work?

The wireless dog fencing system certainly works through the placement of a centrally located transmitter which sends out a radial signal which creates a circular boundary around your dog’s containment area.

Do invisible fences hurt dogs?

Your dog does not get hurt by the shocks produced by the fencing system because it is harmless and only meant to scare your dogs from crossing the boundary.

The fence is designed with tones or beeps that send signals to your dog when it comes near the border.

Can I install another wireless fence on my own?

The wireless fence is easy to install and does not require any expert but instead involves simple activation of the signal receiver which requires battery insert, setting the radius of your containment area, and set the correction level.

We usually provide a manual guide that helps you with the installation.

How much does an invisible dog fence cost at Lowe’s

The price of the invisible doge fence varies by brand and type. The best way to find out which invisible dog fence is right for you and your dog is to contact a professional.

They’ll be able to answer all of your questions no matter what kind of fence you’re interested in or what questions you might have. All they need is a little bit of information about yourself, who will ensure that their services are right for you!

Then they’ll go over more of the details with you on the phone, where it’s easier to get actually get an accurate estimate of how much everything might cost.

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