Dog Has Diarrhea But Acts Fine – Causes & Treatment

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What should you do when your dog has diarrhea but acts fine? Well, in this article we describe what you should do if you find yourself in such a situation. Treatment for a dog with smelly diarrhea and mucus has also been presented hereunder.

Causes of diarrhea in dogs

Several factors can make your dog experience stomach problems leading to diarrhea. As the owner of a dog, it is your responsibility to find out what can make your dog develop such problems.

However, to make work easier, I have identified some of those factors that can interfere with the normal functioning of your dog’s stomach, leading to diarrhea.

The first common factor that you may be  aware of is the dietary intolerance or allergic infections. Have you ever noticed that when you give your dog certain types of foods the dog diarrheas but when it has eaten other types its doesn’t diarrhea?

Well, you should know that just like in human beings, the dogs elicit allergic reactions to some kinds of diets, which result in diarrhea.

The second cause is stress. Indeed, when your dog is subjected to extreme stress conditions like you beat it almost on daily basis or you are living in a highly polluted environment, the dog’s stress levels increases. When that happens, your dog is most likely to diarrhea.

The third factor is the parasitic infestations. Several kinds of parasites can make your dog experience diarrhea, but the most common are the hookworms, Giardia, whipworms, and roundworms.

Usually, your dog contracts these parasites through eating contaminated food, or through drinking water that is contaminated by the sewage wastes.

The other factors that can result in your dog’s diarrhea are pancreatic disease, bacterial infections, some kinds of cancer, petulant bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel ailment, and several others.

Remember that some of these factors such as parasitic infections result in long-lasting diarrhea. Hence you should take adequate precautions to ensure that your dog is safe.

Why a dog with diarrhea acts fine?

Indeed, not all cases of diarrhea in your dogs are severe.  Sometimes you may notice that a dog is indeed sick, but is behaving normally.

In cases you notice that your dog does not display any form of discomfort despite having diarrhea, it is recommended you consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Usually, some dogs try to act normal to avoid being locked up in their cages to receive medications just the way some human beings behave. Therefore, you should take the dog to the hospital as soon as you notice it having diarrhea.

My dog has diarrhea with mucus

When there is mucus in your dog’s stool, then you should be worried. With mucus it means your dog is either suffering from cancer or an inflammatory disorder.

Specialists have discovered that when a dog is suffering from cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, they tend to have a lot of mucus in their feces.

Similarly, the inflammatory bowel disease usually causes mucus in the dog’s stool. Therefore, when your dog is diarrhearing with mucus in its feces, you should take the dog to the nearest pets’ specialist to examine and administer adequate medication.

The dog has foul smelling diarrhea for 5 days

Different animal health care workers and professionals have identified some viral infections as the cause of profane smelling diarrhea, which can extend up to five to six days.  Some of such viruses include distemper, coronavirus, rotavirus, and parvovirus.

When you notice a foul smell in your dog’s feces then you automatically realize that any of the above viruses infect your dog.  The next step, therefore, is to go for an anti-viral medication to help kill the viruses that are slowly killing your dog.

Dog Diarrhea after a few weeks

Some bacteria and parasitic infections can turn to be resistance to the medications that you are administering to the dog to treat their diarrhea. When that happens, the dog keeps getting diarrhea after a few weeks an indication that the infection has re-occurred.

It is always recommended that when you notice the re-infection happening after a few weeks, you change the medicine. The new medicine could help in killing the bacteria or parasite that had developed resistance to the earlier used drugs.

Also, remember that failing to complete doses as specified by the animal healthcare giver could also result in re-infections resulting in the occurrence of diarrhea after a very short period.

How to treat diarrhea in dogs fast

The following are the steps you can take to heal your dog from diarrhea within the shortest time possible.

  1. Give your dog clean water. Plenty of water helps prevent dehydration that can occur due to excessive diarrhea.
  2. Give the dog boiled white rice or white meat free of skin or bones until the dog defecates normal feces.
  3. If the above fails after a day, you should take the dog to the hospital.

Best dog food for solid stools

When the dog is having diarrhea, you are advised to give it boiled white rice or white meat (chicken) without bones or skin. These foods are the exception in creating normalizing your dog’s feces within the shortest time possible.

Dog has yellow diarrhea

The presence of yellow colorization in your dog’s stool may signify that your dog’s liver has a problem or the food went through the gastrointestinal tract picking up bile.

However, you are strongly advised to consult an animal specialist to receive an authentic answer about what is wrong with your dog.

Diarrhea in puppies – effective home remedies

Sometimes your puppies could be sick, and you are wondering what home remedies to use to address the problem.

You may try white rice to treat your puppy’s upset stomach. In case your puppy avoids the white rice, you can add vegetable or chicken bouillabaisse that contains no salt in it.

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