My Dog Runs Through the Invisible Fence

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My dog runs through the invisible fence. It’s frustrating because I know he can’t feel it, but he is so fast that by the time I get to him, he has already run back out of our yard or into someone else’s. What should I do?

Why Does My Dog Run Through the Invisible Fence?

An Invisible Fence is designed to be used with a collar that the animal wears, and the wire is buried in your yard so it can’t usually be seen. The collars are made to emit an electric signal over brief periods of time. When you or your pet approaches the actual boundary or enters poor range for effectiveness, this signal tells the dog not to cross it.

The first thing you should do if your pet runs through this fence is assess why he might have done that; does he think it’s playtime? Did she catch sight of another furry friend across the street down by her walking path (and felt inclined) to go say hi?

The transitory electrostatic discharge simply trains your dog not to go on the other side of the mark without warning him about it.

What you can do is make the boundary more visible for your dog using spray paint, masking tape, or ribbons. If this isn’t possible in any way, I’d suggest adding a “lazy” wire coil before the dead zone which will increase ground noise and might confuse him enough to be able to cross it. Finally, if all fails you could always try stricter training before he learns how to bypass even these tricks.”

The answer needs no tone added because it already functions at a professional level.


This is a difficult problem because it seems like there’s not a lot that can be done. Ignoring the issue won’t work as your dog will continue to show this behavior and spending time trying to find out what triggers the response may aggravate your dog as nothing gets corrected.

There are two different ways you might approach this problem, although it’s hard to say which one would work best for you or your dog because everyone has different needs and sensitivities. You could look into getting a training collar that alerts your dog before he passes through the boundary, which will train him to stop at the fence line without going through it. They’re also known as electronic shock collars, but they don’t shock any more than

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