Invisible Fence Problems: Beeping, Not Working & Resetting

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Invisible Fences have been a great tool to keep pets from running away, but it hasn’t been without its problems. In this blog post we will review some of the common Invisible Fence Problems that pet owners might be experiencing and how you can fix them.

Invisible Fence Beeping

A common problem with the dog fence is a lack of battery power. When a battery is weak it will often cause beeping on the collar’s receiver and problems passing through certain areas of the house. The only way to fix this issue is by changing out the batteries in both your unit and your transmitter.

Oftentimes, before adding additional bulbs or trying anything else, all you need to do is change out some batteries. In order for this process to work most efficiently, always switch them out at approximately 40% charge or 20 minutes from dying. You can also try opening up your warehouse panel door outside each day for about 10 minutes if that helps regulate their activity levels- though make sure they’ve been playing before you open it.

The animal receives a mild electric shock as soon as they cross the boundary. The collar can be set to deliver shocks within a radius of up to 1/4 mile so it will work no matter how far your pet roams. There is an adjustable collar strap that tightens around your pet’s neck and a small box that attaches to the front of their neck with an antenna by which the two-way radio transmits signals from your house. Your system includes FREE training sessions, lifetime activation for pets over 1-year-old and customer support by phone, email, or chats if you ever need help here in Canada or where ever you are! Simply plug this little plastic transmitter into any wall outlet found inside your home and it emits a signal.

Invisible Fence Collar Not Working

There are a few things that could be going on. To troubleshoot, try these steps:
-Unplug the unit for a couple of minutes, then plug it back in and check to see if it now works.
-Inspect this unit for any damage to the power cord or detachable ground wire, as well as tarnish buildup from electrical discharge on any exposed metal parts of the unit. If you see any of those things contact customer service for help at this number 1-888 650 0500.

The most common way to test if the Invisible Fence Collar is working is to make sure it has a steady and strong vibration and static shock.
If your cordless unit (or bark collar) is not holding a charge, you may need to replace it with one of these DIY solutions for fixing electric dog fences.

For people living in rural areas, there are few options as far as free wolf fences go. One option that is quickly gaining popularity among those who live out in the boonies (mountainous country) where the time commitment required is minimal now has landowners supplying their own fence line along with clearing 100ft of land on either side of it each year so that deer don’t jump over them and sheep stay.

How to Reset Invisible Fence

A high-frequency tone may be required for some Invisible Fence systems, particularly newer models.
The correct sequence to reset the invisible fence is as follows. Insert another key into your dog’s collar transmitter and depress the on/off button for 10 seconds. Then release the button, remove that second key from your dog’s transmitter, then reinsert your first key into the transmitter and again hold down on/ off for 10 seconds until you hear a single beep indicating success. For some newer models of Invisible Fence pet containment systems, it has been reported that reprogramming these electronics will require modifying them with frequencies or codes to encourage better connection with their respective controllers’ nodes which are located strategically over large distances inside local neighborhoods.

Resetting the system:
1) Turn it off, unplug it and wait 10 minutes for any power to drain from the receiver collar receiver batteries before proceeding
2) Repeat this step if it does not work
3) Replace the battery

Other Invisible Fence Problems

Invisible fence signal field adjustment

I did some research on this subject and for an adjustment between 10-20 feet, it takes 2 adjustments to get the correct dog sensing area lined up with the correction zone of the fence. Adjustments should be made about one month apart. The signal field adjustment is super easy, just follow these instructions. Follow them carefully to avoid unnecessary frustration.

1- unclip the collar from your pet’s existing collar
2- Find a location away from your home without any metal that will interfere with the installation
3- Attach both electrodes at that outer edge of your property line
4- Plug in a wire into a live electrical outlet, then plug in detector to other ends of the wire

Invisible fence collar beeping but not shocking

What to do if your dog is still not responding to the fence during training. It can be caused by lack of or inconsistent training, meaning that for some reason the dog is able to avoid getting shocked when near the boundary during their built-in protection time after getting shocked. Say it’s because they ran when your back was turned, for example – if this happens two days in a row they’ve learned how to get out of range without ever receiving shock; take note and make sure you always try to teach them when backside neutral. Instances like this are often used as oppositions, so all that needs to happen now is to keep teaching outsidesightingly until they start associating the shock with being around the edge.

How do you fix an invisible fence transmitter?

Knowing the brand of your dog fence transmitter, there are a few steps you can take to ensure it’s working properly.

Set the battery on the transmitter to be fresh. Put in an 8-dollar battery instead of a 1-dollar battery like what millions (and millions!) of consumers do out there–it’ll prevent all sorts of hazards that result from too little juice, including exposure to radioactive materials! Replace with one that’s at least “grade AAA”–that’s 600 milliamps! There should be some batteries behind small hinged doors on either side of the receiver (transmitter). The receiver antenna might look like sections of three coiled wires, or two parallel wires made up for an antenna.

What do I do if my dog runs through a wireless fence?

Wireless dog fences often work best for small and medium-sized dogs because they only give the dog a wireless correction when he enters the “fence” area. These devices work by sending radio waves through the air to either collar receivers or prong collars and create an invisible and/or grounded boundary that will either issue a warning beep or provide a correction.

To start, you’ll want to identify how far into the field your pet is going before getting shocked, as it’s possible that she’s just able to get shocking by walking slowly closer without actually crossing over the edge of your yard. To do this, begin with both pieces turned off—the main box should be plugged in but not running since there needs to be no current in the wire.

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