Dogs That Do Well with Invisible Fence & the Escape Artists

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Invisible fences are a great way to keep your dog safe and in the yard without having to worry about them wandering off, but not every pup is a perfect candidate for this type of containment.

In fact, some breeds do better with an invisible fence than others. Here’s a list of dogs that have been known to work well with these types of systems: Beagles, Border Collies, Dachshunds, German Shepherds, Labradors Retrievers and Terriers.

Dog Breeds that Do Well with Invisible Fences

Dogs that do well with invisible fences are typically not hyper-active. They are typically not so big in size either, for this reason, they have more trouble jumping the fence.

Average dogs are fine, but if you have a very hyper dog or a tall dog it might be difficult to get them to stay within the boundary areas of the fence.

Alaskan Malamutes and Huskies will most likely keep up hopping over things which is what makes them difficult to train with an invisible fence system.

Lhasa Apsos do great because they don’t tend to run away when they see something behind the lawn that interests them off in the distance since Lhasas can’t resist investigating and sniffing everything first before

Rottweiler – A Rottweiler will do well with an invisible fence because they are calm, obedient, and strong enough to control the collar.

Knowing that they’re obedient is important if you’re trying to train them not to cross over into your neighbor’s yard after installation.

Border Collie – The Border Collie is an imaginative dog that can handle wearing a collar 24 hours a day without getting irritated at it as other breeds might be.

They also love working under agility competitions on the farm fields and meadows of Northern England for field trial events; endurance; or herding sheep.

This means that it’ll be happy chasing the boundary on repetitious sprints as its instinct tells it how close to get

Yorkies are well-known for their nocturnal habits, but they are also good at adjusting to new situations. German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in existence.

They actually do great with an invisible fence because they’re always trying to be “Stealthy”. Labradors need large levels of physical exercise, which can be easily facilitated by a yard equipped with an Invisible Fence.

However, the Labrador retriever is best suited for individuals who want a dog that is lower maintenance and highly trainable. This sort of person would also enjoy the company of a golden retriever or Dutch shepherd since these types of dogs require less attention than some other breeds do – just bring them out on walks every day.

Do electric fences work for big dogs?

Yes, they may work for big dogs, but everyone should always be dissuaded from using an electric fence because they will not be as effective as a conventional dog fence.

An electric fence can be useful in those rare cases where you’re too scared to leave the property unattended and need to quickly put up a barrier. However, electric fences simply won’t keep large and/or aggressive dogs out of areas.

The threshold between pain and no pain is subtle and easily breached by anything beyond the common house pet (though we still don’t do recommend our readers use electric fences).

It’s also worth noting that an instinctive response for many animals is to try to continue onwards even when shocked by electricity- this makes it difficult for them to learn

  • An electric fence can be painful, but will not injure a dog.
  • They work well on dog breeds of all sizes from tiny to Great Danes.
  • If your dog is hit by an electric shock for the first time, he may show a lot of fear and become less interested in going near the fence for a while, but after some time has passed they should feel more comfortable going near it again.
  • Electric fences are very effective as long as your animal does not have something shocking installed on his collar i.e no static or anti-barking devices that might create interference with what you’re trying to do.”

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