Is Cytopoint for Dogs Discontinued? [Reviews + Alternatives]

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Cytopoint was marketed as a wonder drug for allergies in pets, especially dogs. For this reason, there was a massive adoption of its use by many pet parents.

In this post, we explore the current status of Cytopoint regarding the discontinuation of manufacture, complaints, lawsuits, and alternatives on the market.

Is Cytopoint Discontinued?

No, Cytopoint has not been discontinued and is still on the shelves. However, as an allergy drug, there are numerous complaints about it that can easily make people think they would affect its production.cytopoint for dogs discontinued

Cytopoint Alternatives

There are several alternatives to Cytopoint for the treatment of allergies in dogs and they include:

  • Benadryl
  • Zyrtec
  • Apoquel

Cytopoint Side Effects Long Term

Cytopoint does not have long-term side effects at least according to the many studies and trials done on the drug.

There may be a few cases where short-term side effects such as fatigue are observed in dogs.

Cytopoint Complaints & Lawsuit

There are a few complaints concerning the use of Cytopoint to treat allergic itches in dogs.

However, it is worth noting here that most of the complaints regarding the use of Cytopoint are not due to the drug itself but rather due to how the drug was administered by the veterinarians.

Cytopoint Lawsuit? Well, there is no document litigation due to the use of Cytopoint that directly implicates the manufacture of the drug. In this regard, we can conclude that the drug does not have a history of lawsuits.

FAQs on Cytopoint Use in Pets

Does Cytopoint cause cancer?

No. There is no documented evidence to indicate or even suggest the existence of a remote possibility of cancer caused by Cytopoint. In a nutshell, Cytopoint is not carcinogenic and therefore does not cause cancer.

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