Is Activyl for Cats Discontinued? [Answer + Alternatives]

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Activyl is a flea treatment product manufactured by Merck in the USA. In the recent past, the pesticide has been disappearing on the shelves and people have been wondering if its production has been discontinued.

Has Activyl Been Discontinued?

Yes, Activyl for cats and dogs has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The manufacturer, Merck, has not stated the reason why they discontinued this innovative and anti-flea pesticide.Activyl for cats discontinued

Activyl Dangers & Reviews

Activyl is generally considered to be one of the safest anti-flea and anti-tick treatments ever because several studies showed it was over 98% effective in killing fleas.

However, like any medicine, there are side effects associated with its use, which may necessitate veterinarian advice.

It was reported that in some pets, especially cats and dogs, there was persistent salivating caused by the licking of the application site immediately.

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