Best Dog Shoes (Booties) for Small Dogs & Puppies

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Buying the right shoes for your dog may be confusing because the market may have a broad range of shoes. As such, I have narrowed down the best shoe brand to properly fit your dog.

What are the best booties for small dogs in [y]? Well in here we answer this question by reviewing the top-reviewed small-dog booties.

Best Booties for Small Dogs

#1. Zacro Protective Dog Boots – Waterproof Shoes

best dog shoe for small dog Zacro
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The Zacro Protective Dog Shoes are the best choice for your dog as they are provided in 4PCS waterproof suitable for an outdoor walk. This brand is a great choice for both owners of medium to large dogs.


  • These shoes are made of breathable fabric materials that allow free airflow to your dog’s paws.
  • The shoes are suitable for the daily wearing of your dog since they are good for walking, running, and hiking.
  • They contain a tough anti-slip sole of slip that provides stability and traction which can protect your dog from sharp thorns.
  • They are in different sizes that fit all dog sizes.
  • The shoes are designed in a natural paw shape that conforms to your dog’s natural paw.
  • These shoes are durable.
  • Suitable during the wet days.


  • The shoes are a little difficult to put on and off.

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#2. LovenCity Dog Boots – Adjustable Reflective Straps

If you are looking for your dog’s shoes that can be used for walking during snow and rainy days, LoveCity Dog Boots are a great choice for you.

The shoes are half adjustable reflective straps that are waterproof hence suitable for your dog.


  • The shoes are designed for medium to large dogs.
  • They are made of a rugged anti-slip sole that is durable and provides stability, traction, and protection to your dog’s paw.
  • They are made of different sizes that suit your dog’s paw from medium to large sizes.
  • The materials used to design these shoes are resistant and durable.
  • They have reflective straps that enhance visibility at night to make your dog safe.
  • LoveCity dog shoes are good for all-terrain and hot asphalt.


  • There are reports that the sizes on charts are trickery- some measurements are too big for pups as indicated on the size chart.

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#3. PG.KINWANG Dog Boots

The PG.KINWANG Dog Boots is a great choice for your dog from medium to large sizes. The shoes are designed with reflective Velcro that will make you not worry about your dog walking at night.


  • The shoes are made with water-resistant material suitable for your dog even during the rainy season.
  • This brand is durable because it is made of high-quality fabric material.
  • The materials used to make these shoes endure dirt and a velvet surface material to protect your dog’s paw from freezing.
  • Its sole is designed with a tough anti-slip sole to provide stability and protection of your dog from sharp thorns.
  • The shoes are easy to put on and off since it features a white slip opening.


  • The size measurement of this shoe brand usually has few size errors.

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#4. QUMY Dog Boots – Reflective Strips

For those with medium to large dogs, QUMY Dog Shoes is the best option for you.

The shoe is suitable for your dog’s walk during snow and rain since they are provided with an anti-slip sole that is designed for both wind and waterproof.


  • The anti-slip sole makes these shoes durable and able to protect your dog’s paws from hurt.
  • It is a high shoe made of velvet materials that also keep your dog’s paws warm.
  • It contains a reflective strap designed to enhance the visibility of your dog during the night.
  • It is easy to put on and too fastened firmly because it has two straps that are adjustable and capable to prevent slipping off.
  • This brand keeps your dog’s paws clean and dry while playing out due to the velvet material.
  • They are breathable and lightweight.


  • A customer reported that the shoes are not anatomically correct unless your dog is a ballerina.

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#5. BINGPET Dog Shoes

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When you choose the BINGPET Dog Shoes, you should not be worried about your dog walking in rainwater because it is designed with waterproof material.


  • The shoe is suitable for both indoor and outdoor walking for your dog.
  • It contains an adjustable and reflective strap that provides visibility for your dog walking at night.
  • The brand is made of strong nylon fabric that is breathable and soft providing your dog with a good airflow while walking.
  • The anti-slip sole makes this brand suitable for protecting your dog’s paw from hurting during an outdoor walk.
  • This shoe brand is durable


  • The brand has a limited color- only available in back color.
  • Associated with shoe size error.

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