Best Nail Grinders & Clippers for Large Dogs with Thick Nails

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Are you frustrated with how your big dog’s long nails look? The good news is that there is an effective way of doing away with such nails without hurting your dog. This article reviews the best nail grinders, trimmers, and clippers for large dogs.

Key Features in Big Dog Nail Grinders & Clippers

If you want a clean and painless cut for your dog’s claws. You should consider the following features for the best nail grinders and clippers for large dogs with thick nails.


When looking for a nail grinder, it is essential to pick the one with enough rotational power to make a difference in your dog’s nail.


You should consider the ease of assembling the nail grinder, swapping out batteries as well as changing bits.


Since grinding takes more time as compared to cutting, it is important to consider the comfort of the tool to your hand as well as for your dog.


If you love your dog, it is important to choose a nail grinder that does not produce high pitch sound that can frighten your dog.


The best clipper for your dog should be the one that has less weight to enhance convenience while using. It is also easier to achieve accuracy when using a clipper or grinder you can easily handle.


While looking for a nail clipper for large dogs, you need to settle on those with small sizes that can fit your hands for effective handling. Smaller sizes do not necessarily mean that they are weak to handle the thick nails.

#Sound and Pitch

Many dogs are scared of noises produced during the clipping process and therefore, the best clipper should be the one with minimal sounds.

Best Nail Grinders for Large Dogs

There are various reasons you should choose the best nail grinders designed for big dogs that include their effectiveness for unsteady hands and fearful dogs as well as their ability to reduce cracking and pinching.

It is for this reason that we have listed the best brands for you to make an informed choice. So, what are the best clippers for large breed dogs?

#1. SNMDQZ Dog Nail Grinder

SNMDQZ Dog Nail Grinder

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The SNMDQZ Dog Nail Grinder is the best choice for dog lovers since it is available in an upgraded LCD.


  • This brand produces minimal noise that cannot scare your dog while using it.
  • It also has a powerful motor that makes the trimming process more efficient and faster.
  • The SNMDQZ Dog Nail Grinder is safer and painless to use for your dog since it precisely trims your dog snail anywhere.
  • The brand has a long battery life that can take up to 3 hours when fully charged.
  • This brand comes with a USB port and cable which makes your charging process easy.
  • This electric dog nail grinder uses an advanced diamond bit grinder that delivers the safest and most comfortable dog claw grinding as recommended by professionals.

#2. Moropaky Dog Nail Grinder

Moropaky Dog Nail Grinder for large dogs

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If you are looking for a more advanced nail grinder for your dog, Moropaky is the best choice for you as it is equipped with two led lights on the top.

This feature is essential for your dog because it enhances visibility during the trimming process.


  • This brand uses a powerful and faster allow motor that makes the nail trimming process faster.
  • It produces very minimal noise that cannot scare your dog while using it.
  • This grinder comes with a USB cable to recharge its lithium battery for longer use.
  • Moropaky Dog Nail Grinder comes with a user manual that makes its application easy for the customers.
  • Apart from large, the tool is also useful for small and medium dogs.


  • For the last 10 months, there has not been reported any challenge using the Moropaky Dog Nail Grinder.

#3. Pecute Large Dog Nail Grinder

Pecute Dog Nail Grinder for Large Dogs

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Pecute Large Dog Nail Grinder has amazing features such as a DC5V mute motor and two grinding heads with four-port size.


  • This tool is designed in an advanced lithium polymer battery that supports fast charging.
  • The brand is also adopted with a DC5V mute motor that makes the trimming work faster.
  • Pecute is designed for low noise and vibration-suitable for fearful dogs
  • This brand provides the safest and most comfortable dog claw grinding.
  • This tool is easy to use.


  • Pecute is slow for dogs with thick nails.

#4. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder for Large Dogs

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If you love your dog and you wouldn’t wish to hurt it while getting rid of its long claws, I recommend that you choose Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder.


  • The Casfuy dog nail grinder is a safe grinding tool for your dog recommended by veterinarians and dog grooming professionals since it is painless to use.
  • This brand comes with a USB cable to recharge its battery for convenience use.
  • The nail grinder has an ergonomic design for easy handling.
  • This brand is good for you because it has a one-year warranty.
  • It is designed with LED light.

#5. Lnicez Dog Nail Grinder

Lnicez Dog Nail Grinder for Large Dogs

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Lnicez Dog Nail grinder is the best for trimming, shaping, and smoothening the claws of your dog because of its attractive features such as an advanced diamond bit that ensures safe grinding.


  • This tool is available in an ergonomic design for easy handling while in use.
  • It is made of a powerful motor that makes the grinding work faster while ensuring your dog’s comfort.
  • The diamond bit grinder reduces the risk of overcutting and hurting your dog.
  • This tool is more effective because it can be charged using a power bank or car charger when its battery runs low.


  • A customer recommended that the tool should come with a manual guide for easy application even with young people.

Best Nail Clippers for Large Dogs with Thick Nails

There are so many brands of nail clippers best for your large dogs that you can choose from. The following are the best options.

#1. gonicc Dog Nail Clippers

gonicc Dog Nail Clipper for Large dogs with thick nails

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The gonicc Dog Nail Clippers is among the best ranked because of its advanced design, and it comes with about 13 tools including a battery, USB cable, cleaning brush, cleaning sponge, and nail file among others.


  • A free nail file included in the handle will let you get the best possible nail polish results.
  • Strong stainless material is used to construct sharp blades. It is locked so kids cannot mess with it.
  • Handles that are ergonomically built and will not slide will be both robust and lightweight.
  • There is a greater chance of clipping the nails short when using a standard blade. A safety stop blade may help minimize this danger.

#2. BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers

BOSHEL Dog nail clippers

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If you are looking for a clipper with attractive features such as non-slip handles that enhances better grip while using has the best choice for BOSHEL dog clippers.


  • This brand has an ergonomic design that is powerful and easy to use.
  • The brand is designed to keep your hand comfortable while trimming your dog’s claw at home.
  • The nail clipper is made up of high-quality thick and stainless steel with a sharp blade that can trim the claws of your dog with ease.
  • BOSHEL dog nail clipper works well even with left-handed users.
  • This brand is simple to use by anyone since it does not require any technical knowledge.

#3. VOSEN Dog Nail Clippers

VOSEN Dog Nail Clippers

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Whoever is tired of buying nail clippers that can break up easily has a reason to smile because the VOSEN dog nail clipper is a durable tool.


  • Apart from the clipper’s effectiveness on large dogs with thick nails, it can also work best on small and medium dogs.
  • This brand is made of a thick stainless steel sharp blade that trims your dog’s claw with ease.
  • The clipper is safe because an angled head design can reduce the risk of cutting nails too short to injure your dog.
  • This clipper is cheap and affordable hence more suitable for your choice.
  • VOSEN dog nail clipper does not require any technical know-how before using-easy to use.


  • Two customers have reported that the clipper’s blade gets blunt easily and cannot cut through the thick nail of their dogs.

#4. LAIKA Dog Nail Clippers

LAIKA Dog Nail Clippers

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No one would like to overcut the nails of their dog. As such, the LAIKA dog nail clippers are the best option if you need to cut the nails just to the correct length.


  • LAIKA nail clipper is designed with a high quality of about 3.5mm thick stainless steel that makes the tool durable.
  • The tool is made of a thick and sharp blade that is suitable for trimming large dogs with thick nails with ease.
  • This tool enhances comfort while grooming your dog’s nails because of its ergonomic handle.
  • LAIKA nail clipper is safe to use even with dogs of short nails.
  • This product is available with a free built-in nail file that is hidden in the left handle for sharpening the edges of the clipper’s blade.


  • The only complaint from using this tool is that the shield to keep it from cutting too much off is loose and tent to move when trying to use it.

#5. LUOAIYI Dog Nail Clippers

LUOAIYI Dog Nail Clippers

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The LUOAIYI Dog Nail clipper is recommended by professionals as an effective tool for trimming your dog’s nails due to its safety features that include an adjustable nail guard that prevents overcutting.


  • The nail clipper is well designed to enhance comfort at your hand because of its easy grip, and non-slip ergonomic handles.
  • The tool is of a high-quality stainless steel blade that is durable.
  • The stainless steel blade of this tool is sharp and cannot get bland easily.
  • This tool comes with a bonus nail file and a two-year warranty.


  • LUOAIYI Dog Nail Clipper can hurt your dog when not used carefully.

FAQs on Dog Nail Clippers and Grinders

Do toenail clippers work on dogs?

Yes, they do. When using toenail clippers on your dog, you’ll need to position the clipper over your puppy’s nails at a 90-degree angle before clipping them.

This will avoid hitting the quick since it’s difficult to see with the naked eye and animals don’t like anything that causes pain in their feet.

Next, you want to clip off about 1/4 of an inch from each nail and make sure not to cut them at any angles because this could lead to ingrown nails and infections later on.

For even better control over cutting, measure out where you want the cut-line with a piece of sandpaper or marker beforehand so there are no surprises later when trimming if necessary.

What is the best nail clipper for a Chihuahua?

The best nail trimmer for the chihuahua breed is the Epica Professional Dog Nail trimmer. Chihuahuas are generally small dogs and you should check our article on the best nail trimmers for small dogs to explore other brands.

Is it better to grind or clip dog nails?

Can I file my dog’s nails instead of clipping them? Clipping dog nails is much better.

Clipping your dog’s toenails by giving them a quick and hard downward tugging motion can be considerably less stressful for your pet than grinding because no noise or vibration might scare the animal.

Quite often we find that people choose to clip their pets’ nails because they’re afraid of hurting or scratching them with a grinder if they go too quickly.

It has been found though, that grinding your dog’s nail to remove any sharp edges can help you avoid cutting the nail further up towards the quick area where blood vessels and nerves are located.

If you grind too long or use too much force, it can be quite painful for your pup and result in bleeding around the nails.

How often should you cut your dog’s nails?

This varies from dog to dog. Dachshunds have nails that grow very fast, so they will need theirs trimmed more often than a Lab. Generally speaking, the longer the nail seems to be growing, the more frequently it will be necessary to cut it.

The easiest way is just with a quick snip at the end of every walk – especially after getting out of water or mud. You can also ask your groomer or vet for their opinion on how often to clip them.

Does grinding a dog’s nails hurt them?

Some people think that dog fingernails only grow as the dog ages, but it is because of a build-up of keratinized skin cells. There are several ways to file a dog’s nails, the most common being the use of a nail clipper or grinder.

Grinding not only can hurt them but also causes bleeding and scratching at their paws from filing off the rough edges because it doesn’t polish them. They should ideally be done once every 2-4 weeks with gradual progression over time (or changes may need to be made).

A true professional will often grind down even if they do not make cuts to better nail thickness for any given breed or species, which means less filing away excess nails

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