Abalone for Dogs: Can Dogs Eat Abalone (Raw or Cooked)?

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It can be tempting to feed your dog human food when you are not sure what they are allowed to eat. However, it is important for pet parents to make sure that the food they are feeding their canine companions is safe and nutritious.

One question many people have with regards to this topic is whether or not dogs can eat abalone.

This blog post will explore some of the facts around this subject in order to provide a better understanding of how humans should go about deciding if their pup would enjoy eating abalone as an occasional mealtime treat.

Abalone is just one type of shellfish which may cause adverse reactions in animals who ingest it because its content includes high levels of calcium carbonate which can lead to renal failure.

Can Dogs Eat Abalone?

Yes, only when cooked. Abalone is a type of mollusk that may contain toxins that are harmful to us and our pets.

Some say it’s not safe for them to eat any seafood while others say they should be careful about trims with thick shells.

Make sure you bleed the shellfish before cooking! This releases the juices inside and tidies up the appearance of the dish.

You can do this by briefly running a clean knife along each side of the shellfish (scallop) – or if roasting in foil, simply fold back one end to let out some juice.

So when do you know if your dog will eat the abalone if you cook it? Well, you may only cook if your pet has had no reaction whatsoever after sniffing and licking an uncooked piece or two.

Alternatively, you may give it pieces of abalone when you have prepared a meal out of the same primarily for you or your family.

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