Best Toenail Clippers for Small Dogs

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After reviewing different brands of clippers for trimming the nails of your small dogs, we have come up with the best pick of brands that can groom the toenail of your dog.

What to Look for in Nail Clippers for Small Dogs

#Safety Features

While looking for the best clipper for your dog, you consider the one that comes with a quick guard to prevent over-trimming of your dog’s nail along with other features such as powerful motors.

#Blade Quality

The best clipper for you should be made of high-quality, stainless steel that does not rust or break easily.


You should choose a rubberized or anti-slip grip-handled clipper that provides comfort in your hand while trimming your dog’s nails.

Best Toenail Clippers for Small Dogs

#1. RESCO DELUXE Toenail Clipper

Resco Deluxe is a professional choice for customers approved by veterinarians worldwide. This tool guarantees the cleanest and safest cut of your dog’s toenails.


  • The Resco Deluxe is structured in a regular small-medium size that fits your puppy of between 10-50lbs.
  • This tool is made of a stainless steel blade that makes it stay for a long time of use.
  • It has an ergonomic feature that makes your hand comfortable while handling and trimming your dog’s toenails.
  • This brand is made of patented blades that can easily be replaced and are sharp for faster trims.
  • The tool is also designed with a powerful power coat that enhances visibility as well as prevents rust.

#2. Ancol Ergo Toenail Clippers

The Ancol Ergo is more cheap and affordable with a great feature that would make you find it easy trimming your small dog nail.


  • The Ancol Ergo clipper is designed from robust tempered steel that provides a long life of use.
  • The clipper ensures the safety of your dog through an indent in its blade that makes sure your dog cannot get hurt during trimming.
  • This tool is available for different sizes that fit other dog sizes apart from puppies.
  • This brand is made is multi-colored to enhance beauty.
  • The blade is made of thick stainless steel that cannot rust easily even when it comes in contact with water droplets.

#3. Millers Forge Toenail Clipper

For customers who like bright and conspicuous tools, we have reviewed and found out that Miller Forged is the best solution.


  • Miller Forge is a ragged structure that enhances the beauty and can make your puppy feel relaxed and enjoy the trimming process.
  • This tool is designed with a non-slip handle to ensure comfort while handling.
  • It has a spring that provides heavy-duty loaded actions and can make it last for long on use.
  • The ultra-sharp blade edge makes the trimming process of your puppy easier and effortless.

#4. Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Quality Nail Clippers

Rosewood is effective for your puppy’s toenails at a cheap and affordable price on our market.


  • Rosewood is made up of an ergonomic handgrip that ensures you feel comfortable by trimming your dog’s nails.
  • This brand is usually small, ideal for small size dogs and cats.
  • The grip latch structure of this tool protects your dog from over-trimming or any injuries.
  • The tool is of high-quality stainless steel and a sharp cutting blade that ensures fast, clean, and soft action for your dog’s nail.

#5. Gonicc Dog Nail Clippers

Gonicc is the best solution for your puppy’s toenail as it provides a perfect and safe cut.


  • Gonicc comes with a hidden nail file attached to the handle that allows you to polish for trimming perfection.
  • This tool is lightweight and does not need more effort in handling it or using it to trim your dog’s nails.
  • It structures with a safety guard to reduce the risk of cutting your dog’s nails especially when the nails are shorter.
  • The ergonomic design handle makes sure your hand does not develop blisters due to constant use.

#6. Shiny Dog Nail Clipper

The shiny dog nail clipper is approved by professionals to provide safe and effective cuts for your puppy’s nail at low and affordable prices


  • Shiny is made of a hypoallergenic blade that is sharp for faster and easy trimming.
  • This clipper is the best option for you because it’s made of eco-friendly plastic materials that can be re-used.
  • Its handle is soft with grips that do not hurt your hand even with prolonged use.
  • The tool is fitted with a razor-sharp feature made of stainless steel to prevent rust hence can stay for long.

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