5 Best Deshedding Tools for Short-Haired Dogs

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The best tool for deshedding your short hair dogs falls under these brands. The best de-shedding tools work perfectly for various dog breeds, especially with undercoats. The breeds without undercoats can be used with a de-shedding glove to remove hair on them.

These brands are the most suitable for you since many breeds have an undercoat case and the only few can be treated with a dog deshedding tool

Best Deshedding Tools for Short Hair Dogs

If you are shopping for the best deshedding tool for short-hair dogs and still get value for money, then you should consider the tools we have reviewed here below.

#1. FURminator Shorthair deShedding Tool

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The Furminator Deshedding Tool is a good choice for deshedding short hair dogs. This brand is suitable for removing loose hair as it has a stainless steel tip, which reaches the depth through the topcoat.

This product is designed to fit its use for different sizes of dogs and hair lengths.


  • The tool has a far ejector enhancing easy disposal of hair
  • The product has an ergonomic handle
  • It is available in five different sizes.
  • The tool contains stainless steel teeth
  • This tool is usually equipped with an ejector button suitable for the removal of hair without having to use your fingers.
  • The tool has got features that help it reduce shedding by up to 90%


  • It contains tips that may be too sharp causing certain scratches on some breeds

#2. Furblaster DakPets Pet Grooming and Deshedding Tool

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Furblaster de-shedding tool by DakPets is among the most popular de-shedding tool for dog breeds appearing in the current market. This tool is cheaper and affordable with almost similar designs to the other tools.

The tool is suitable because it can minimize the shedding of your dog by up to 95% in only 10 minutes. The tool is made of a four-inch rust-resistance blade that can be detached.


  • The tool can reduce shedding by up to 95%.
  • It is suitable because it takes relatively less time of about ten minutes of brushing
  • Made of stainless steel, rust-resistant blade
  • The tool is easy for application on dogs due to its detachable blade.
  • The product is designed with an ergonomic handle with a rubber grip that enhances comfort while using.


  • The head part of this dog de-shedding tool can break off easily within a short period of use

#3. Highland Farms Wooden Design Deshedding Tool

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The Highland Farms Wooden Design Deshedding Tool is a new and improved product from Furry Fido that is promising for deshedding your dog. The product can churn tumbleweeds of hair much faster than you can imagine.

It is an effective deshedding tool, especially for dogs that shed hairs since it can remove shade hairs while loose and dump them.


  • The product has a 5-inch wide handle making it easier to grip while in use
  • Has stainless steel teeth that cannot rust easily.
  • It is made up of basswood, which is durable and of lightweight
  • It is a non-slip and light-handled tool.
  • The tool contains an even distribution of teeth running along one side of the whole length of the handle.


  • It is not reliable for removing all hair of the short hair of a dog.
  • Some dogs seem to be sensitive to the feel of this tool hence not suitable.

#4. MIU COLOR Pet Deshedding Tool for Short Hair Dog

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This Pet de-shedding Tool has an MIU Color, and it is the only deshedder that can work to remove mats and tangles from your dog.

The product is usually available in two sizes of four-inch and five-inch wide stainless blades. Pet de-shedding tool is also available in two colors to suit your small, medium, or large short hair dog.


  • Works well even on broken or rough coats.
  • It enhances the healthy hair of your dog
  • It is suitable for de-shedding and removal of mats and tangles.
  • The tool is available in two sizes and two colors.
  • This product is environmentally friendly because is made of non-toxic materials.


  • The product does not remove as much far as models used in previous years.
  • It has teeth on the brush that are too piercing for some breeds and may cut into your dog’s skin

#5. Magic Pro Deshedding Tool for Short Hair Dog

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The Professional Magic Pro Deshedding Tool by HappyDogz is a suitable choice for buyers because it has a razor shape deshedder designed with a handle and a head that attaches the three-inch row of its stainless-steel teeth.


  • The product is suitable for users with risk issues
  • It can minimize shed hair up to 95% within a short time
  • The product is available in two sizes.
  • This tool has a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • The tool may be too harmful to rough-haired dogs since it pulls the hair of your dog still attached to the skin.
  • It is not effective as adults in this price range

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