Why is my Cat Limping all of a Sudden – Front & Back Leg?

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Cat Back/Front Leg Injury – Causes

I know most of you might be wondering how to tell that their cats are suffering from a front or back leg wound.

Well, it is quite easy because your cat will display any of the following symptoms: limping, lethargy, reluctance to stand up, agitation, redness on the leg, and swelling of the joints or muscles.

Indeed, it is saddening to see your cat lying down all day and night due to its inability to move because of a leg wound.  When you see your cat in such a situation be sure any of the following might be the reason behind the injuries on their legs.

#1 Bites from other organisms.

When your cat has been bitten by an insect or an animal, especially those that have poison, your cat may experience a lot of pain, hence making it hard for it to stand on its own.

Some insects can cause an infection, that can result in the reddening and swelling of the cat’s legs, making your cat struggle when moving from one place to another.

#2 Jumping when hunting or playing.

Usually, there are some cats, which like jumping high heights just to capture their target prey. In the event of jumping the cat may break its hind or front legs or experience a joint dislocation, which can directly make it hard for the cat to stand or move around.

Similarly, when the cats are playing, they may become overexcited and in the even jump from one place to another. In that event, the soft tissues on the legs may be strained, thus resulting in an injury.

#3 Shocking accidents

Well, the cats can be severely injured on its legs when it has been knocked down by a speed-moving vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle.

Usually, these accidents can even cause the death of the cat, especially if the moving object was at an intense speed. You are required to perform the first aid to your cat if it has been hit by a car before taking to the specialist.

Cat Limping Back Leg

A lot of us when we see our cats wobbling its hind leg, we get extremely sad and keep wondering what might be wrong with our precious pets.

Some of your express high levels of panic that you might even unintentionally cause more harm to your cats thinking that you are helping them. Instead, you are required first to find out the cause of limping before doing anything else.

The cat suddenly limping back leg

Have you ever left your cat well in one minute but in the next minute find it shambling its hind leg? It is a worrying situation, which I know may force most of you to rush your cats to the nearest specialist.

Well, while that is highly recommended, it is always advisable to find out what might be wrong with your cat first.

For example, it could be a muscle pull, which will require you to perform a simple massage, and your cat will be fine. Or, maybe it could be that your cat has an irritating object on its hind leg, which after you remove, the cat stops limping.

Generally, there are some causes of abrupt hind leg limping, which do not require the attention of a veterinarian.

You just need to conduct a physical examination on your cat, and you will tell what is hurting it, and after that, you perform a simple procedure like massaging and the cat is back to normal. However, if the situation is severe, kindly consult the nearest animal specialist.

Cat limping hind leg after fall

Certainly, there are some situation that you may not be aware of the factor(s) that have led to the wobbling of cat’s rear legs.

However, if you witnessed or have been told that your cat has fallen and therefore, you are certain that a fall is a cause for its immovability, there are several things you can do to help the cat.

For instance, you can perform first aid to lessen the pain or perform a massage to straighten the injured tissues or muscles.  If after performing all that the cat is still unable to put weight on its back leg(s), you are required to contact a vet.

The animal vet will use various diagnostic tools to establish the extent of the injury and issue appropriate advice on what needs to be done.

For instance, the vet can recommend an urgent surgery on the leg to rectify the broken bones, that is if the fall was severe. But if the fall was not such serious, he or she will administer suitable medication that can help the cat recover much quickly.

Cat Limping Front Leg

Cats like hunting and running around, but when you see your cat not being in a sober mood or is not doing all that you are expected to find out what is ailing it.

Sometimes, in the course of hunting the cat may strain the tissues of its front leg, causing a lot of pain that may force the cat to remain numb for some time.

My cat is limping on his/her front paw

Remember, you are required to be alert and ready to assist your cat always. In particular, lameness in cat’s front legs can be quite distressing to the cat and such a time if you fail to help the cat the consequences might be undesirable.

For instance, in case the cause of injury on the front leg is due to an insect’s toxic bite, the poison can be highly infectious to the extent that the cat may lose the ability to use its front legs completely if left untreated.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you report to an animal specialist any cases of front legs impassiveness so that your cat can be treated in good time.

Cat Limping but not in Pain

In numerous occasions, people have visited the animal health experts to report cases of their cats being lame but not showing any sign of being in agony.

Well, these cases could be worrying to some people, but it should not be the case because that issue usually happens temporarily.

In particular, a pulled muscle or sometimes a pinched nerve in the cat’s paw causes lameness with no pain.

In most cases, the nerve and muscle complications heal naturally, but if it takes longer than two weeks, then you should consult an animal doctor.

How to Tell if a Cat has a Broken Leg

Your cat has a broken leg if you observe the following:

  1. Limping
  2. Swelling
  3. The cat’s unwillingness to put weight on its leg
  4. Seeing the bone sticking out of the skin
  5. Inflammation and pain

More on Cat Leg Injuries

The following section will help you develop a deeper understanding of this topic.

My cat is limping but not crying

When you see this just do not panic, the can may be having a pulled muscle which will heal itself naturally. But, be monitoring the cat to ensure that heal process does not take long and if it does contact a vet.

Why is my kitten limping all of a sudden?

Well, there are several possible reasons why you kitten in hobbling. In essence, it may have been bitten by an animal or insect, run over by a moving object, fallen down or experiencing a pulled muscle.

Cat swollen leg not limping

Your cat maybe has swollen if an allergic reaction has occurred or it has eaten some kind of food, which it is allergic to. In such cases, the cat will not be limping and, usually, the inflammation will disappear naturally.

Cat limping but acting normal

There are at times you may see your cat staggering but it does not seem to be suffering and goes on with its normal activities like hunting and praying.  Usually, this is happening when the muscles clog together, but it does not take long before the cat heals naturally.

Cat limping back leg and not eating

Because of the pain due to an injury on the hind leg, your dog may be stressed and that can affect its appetite. In such cases, you are required to take the cat to the healthcare giver with immediate effect for specialist treatments.

Cat limping arthritis

Arthritis is a joint disease that can generate intense pain, making your cat remain lame for a long time. Please contact a specialist in case you suspect that the cat is suffering from arthritis.

How to Treat Cat Leg Injury and Limping

It is always recommended that you take the cat to a specialist animal doctor to give you the correct medication to help treat your cat.

Depending on the cause of the injury, your cat will be medicated adequately and in the case of severe injuries, surgery may be done and, in such case, you are required to cooperate fully.

Cat Broken Leg Untreated

In specialist cases, like the broken paw is untreatable, surgery is always the last option. Successful surgery can aid in the rectification of your cat’s leg. Thus, there is no need to fear if you find out that your cat’s condition is worse.

Cat sprained leg healing time

Usually, the healing period depends on the adherence to the given vet instructions on the usage of specific medicines. When there is strict conformation to the given instructions, the recovery time should not be above 21 days.

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