Cat Hair Loss on Back, Legs & Near Tail

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Cat Hair Loss on Legs

The bald spot on cat leg usually makes your cat appear ugly and to several people that can be very heartbreaking and they will do anything to ensure that does not happen. However, to ensure that you prevent hair loss you should be at least familiar with two to three reasons that make that happen.

Here are some of the reasons. First, is the allergic reaction. Indeed, an allergy regardless of the cause (food or fleas) can result to a partial or complete loss of hair on your cat’s legs.

That can happen on any part of the leg, and it usually leaves your cat’s skin exposed to the environment. Hence, that part can be a good entry for pathogens entry into your cut’s body, thus making it sick.

Cat losing hair on front legs

There is nothing irritating as seeing your cat losing its beautiful fur on its front legs. To some people, especially those who like walking around with their cats, that is a total shocker because that technically sends a message to other people that you are not taking good care of your cat.

For those who love their cats, they would take them to the physician to be told what is happening with their cats. However, for the don’t cares, if their cats were for instance suffering from a bacterial infection, that can spread over the entire front legs under their watch.

Cat losing hair on back legs and tail

If your cat has bald patches on back legs, it is always recommended that you apply the appropriate medications as advised by the specialist to prevent the spread of that condition over the entire legs. The same applies to when the cat has started showing signs of hair loss on its tail.

Remember that the tail is important to the cat in a number of ways but primarily to give it the needed balance. Therefore, losing the precious fur can make allow foreign materials infect the tail resulting to unwanted consequences in your cats.

In particular, it is important to affirm that the cause of baldness is not a bacterial infection, because that usually spreads fast to other parts of the body.

Cat Losing Hair on Back Near the Tail

Stress, skin infections and fleas are the main possible reason why your cat is losing its fur on its back near the tail. Well, there are other reasons that can cause that, but regardless of the cause it is always your full responsibility to ensure that your cat is treated.

Never forget that a loss of fur can be painful and therefore, if left unmanaged it could seriously affect the entire health of your cat.

In particular, due to pain your cat may fail to eat as required and that can further deteriorate its health.  Hence, kindly ensue that your cat receives the appropriate medications to prevent further loss of fur and at the same time regenerate the lost hair.

Hair Loss in Cats around Neck

The presence of a bald spot on cat neck is an indication that your cat needs urgent medical attention because it could be suffering from mange. This condition called mange is usually caused by excessive clustering of mites on the cat’s neck, precisely near the ears.  These mites are dangerous because they block the hair follicles making eth fur to be loose and brittle.

When you notice that your cat is over-scratching its neck and there are sores and dandruff, then be assured that your cat is suffering from mange.

If you are lucky to notice those signs earlier enough, you should take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible so that he or she can administer appropriate medication to treat and hinder the spread of mange to other area of the neck.

Cat Hair Loss Treatment

Indeed, there are several ways through which you can manage or treat your cat when it is suffering from alopecia.

Psychogenic alopecia cats treatment

Psychogenic alopecia starts as a displacement behavior that your cat engages in to lessen stress.  That included excessive licking, which can result to baldness in any part of the cat’s body. The condition is usually known by many people as excessive grooming.

Treatment of this condition usually entails behavior modification, which if it fails you are advised to consult a physician. The specialist will give you the medication but always use it in conjunction with the behavior therapies.

Home remedies for hair loss in cats

There are lot of homemade medications that you can apply on the bald spots to result to hair growth. For instance, you can prepare a citrus solution, which is quite an easier process to do at any time.

Usually, all you are needed to do is to cut the lemon into tiny pieces, mix with water and boil them for five minutes.  Afterwards you spray the cold solution on your cat and you are done.

More on Hair loss in cats

You may find the following section more interesting and educative regarding the cat baldness, which is usually worrying to several of you.

Cat bald belly syndrome

If your cat is suffering from this syndrome there are higher chances that it is stressed. Therefore, you should find out what maybe the factors resulting to depression, which may be change of the type of food you feed your cat or climatic changes.

Cat bald spots above eyes

If you see bald spots above the eyes, the cat maybe over-scratching or licking itself and as the owner you are required to take the appropriate steps to prevent that.

Cat losing hair and weight

Bacterial infections, mites and fleas are the common causes of loss of fur and usually the spots where the hair has been lost are painful. The pain may be a huge stress factor, which may even affect the eating behaviors of your cat, therefore, resulting to an excessive loss of weight.

Cat overgrooming stomach

The reasons why you cat may be over-licking its belly may be due to depression, new environment, bacterial infection, and generally an indication of discomfort.

When you observe that, you are required to start examining and listing the possible causes of your cat behaving that way so that you can administer appropriate remedies.

Cat losing fur on back legs and belly

Over-scratching or licking may be some of the possible reasons why your cat is losing its beautiful fur on its hind legs and belly. Well, there are other reasons that can cause this and therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure you have taken proper measures to restore your cat’s fur.

My cat has patches of fur missing and sores

Possibly your cat has a bacterial infection or there are mites or fleas that have clumped together, hence blocking the hair follicles making the cat loose its fur and have sores.

Nevertheless, to be sure always consult a specialist to ensure that you administer the right medication or therapy to restore your cat’s beautiful fur.


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