Can Dogs Eat Airheads (Candy & Bites)?

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During the Halloween season, it’s always time to get excited about all the delicious candy you can enjoy. However, what if I told you that there are some types of candy that your pup should avoid?

Here we talk about airheads and other types of candies that dogs should steer clear of! Although they sound like something humans would love to eat, these treats are not necessarily safe for dogs so please keep them out of reach!

What is an Airhead?

An Airhead is a type of spherical hard candy manufactured by The Hershey Company. They come in many flavors including cherry, grape, orange, pineapple, and raspberry.

Can Dogs Eat Airhead Candy?

Yes, but they can’t eat more than 10mg per day to avoid toxicity. If your dog is obedient enough to hold off after one taste of airheaded candy, then it should be okay.

The normal daily amount that dogs get is less than 10mg, so keep in mind that the lethal dose for this type of product is high.

Be sure to also consider your pet’s size and weight before giving them candy – small pets like cats may only require 1-2 pieces at most; large or medium-sized pets will need about half a bar (or more) for their appropriate overdosing levels. It’s best not to tempt test their limits though!

There are reports of dogs consuming high doses of Airheads and becoming ill or poisoned; excessive consumption is human-caused, not dog-caused.

Two fatalities have been reported due to consumption by dogs with low levels of liver function, but our records do not indicate that these were cases where Airheads alone caused the fatal outcome.

However, there are other dangers you should be aware of when giving your pets human food besides just potentially making them sick.

The risk for pet health problems is due to chocolate overloads, raw food diets lacking nutrients like taurine for cats and pumpkin for dogs or simply spoiled foods which can cause serious gastrointestinal issues in dogs.

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