Can Dogs Eat Agave: Is it Safe or Toxic to Dogs?

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The agave plant is a popular ingredient in many foods and drinks. It has been used for thousands of years by the Aztecs as both food and medicine, but it can also be dangerous to your dog.

If you own an agave plant or know someone that does, keep reading to find out how much harm this seemingly innocent plant can do to your precious pooch.

Can Dogs Eat Agave?

It has been said that they can eat agave in small quantities, but an overload of this natural sweetener might lead them to develop diarrhea.

In truth, agave is a plant-based sugar substitute that seems to be okay for pets if not consumed in significant amounts.

The problem arises when they start eating too much of it and then eventually realize that it’s going straight into the toilet. At least with cane sugar or honey, you know what goes on once they’re done eating them.

It would’ve been better if the manufacturer was a little more forthcoming about loving their pets with this information beforehand because giving a pet anything without knowing what will happen on the other side is just asking for trouble later down the road.

Is Agave Safe for Dogs?

Yes. However, as with anything else, it would be best to feed your pet a sparing amount and mix Agave in their food rather than giving them the syrup as a drink. This reduces the danger considerably.

Owners who feed their pets more than just a lick of Botanicare Organic Agave should also monitor their pet’s stools for any signs of diarrhea or gastrointestinal distress.

They should also make sure they get enough freshwater each day because Agave is about fives times sweeter than table sugar and smaller amounts can cause digestive distress if too much is consumed at one time.

Please note: humans who consume large quantities of Agave sometimes report experiencing symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice which may also be observed in dogs

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