Activia Yogurt for Dogs – Can Dogs Eat Activia Yogurt?

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Many pet owners are concerned about what to feed their dogs. One question that many have is whether or not they can give their dog Activia yogurt. This blog post will answer this question and more.

What is Activia Yogurt?

Activia yogurt is a brand of yogurt mix that has two different types – each with its own set of benefits.

The regular Activia yogurt comes in single-serving containers and features the same, tasty Greek yogurt you would expect from any other big-name brand (non-Activia).

However, to provide additional health benefits, Activia also contains “uniquely targeted Bifidus Regularis C&C” which helps keep your digestive system working smoothly to support healthy digestion.

Coming in at 240 calories per 8 ounces (about half the average amount for plain Greek Yogurt brands), it’s no wonder both consumers and dieters alike are loving Activia.

Can Dogs Eat Activia Yogurt?

Answer: Yes, Activia yogurt is good for dogs. Activia contains probiotics that stimulate natural defenses and reduce the intensity of occasional digestive troubles like diarrhea or bloating.

It also contains Lactobacillus species that support intestinal balance.

The veterinary ingredients in Activia are harmless to dogs, but read the label on your Activia yogurt carefully because some people say there may be contaminants in it (either deliberate adulteration with cheaper byproducts or unintended contamination of production materials).

The more expensive yogurts will probably contain more high-quality ingredients without any strange additives you don’t want in your dog’s body like sugar/glucose syrup solids, artificial colors, and carrageenan.

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