Alfredo for Dogs – Can Dogs Eat Alfredo Sauce?

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Alfredo Sauce is delicious. It is cheesy, creamy, and rich; three of the qualities that make humans fall in love with it. However, Alfredo sauce also contains butter and cream which are both very high in fat content.

While some dogs can eat a little bit of butter or cream every now and then without any negative effects on their health, too much can be bad for them.

This blog post will explore whether or not dogs should be eating Alfredo sauce at all as well as what kind of side effects they might experience if they do eat it.

Can Dogs Eat Alfredo Sauce?

For most dogs, including milk products isn’t recommended because of their potential to cause tummy discomfort or an upset stomach.

Unfortunately, because Alfredo sauce contains mostly milk and cheese, it is not the best choice for dogs. Besides lactose content, there are a couple of other problems as well.

One is that shards of melted cheese can cause choking hazards for your dog. The second problem with the sauce is that it’s loaded with olive oil – a fat content that can’t be properly processed by a dog’s metabolism system.

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